Recap: LPSA Working Group Meetings 2023

In order to elevate the global debate on public sector decentralization and localization, the Local Public Sector Alliance (LPSA) engages in convening, outreach and field building to achieve a larger, more empowered global Community of Practice, with country-level champions well-positioned to champion decentralization and localization reforms.

In 2023, LPSA had six active working groups – three regional groups (Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe and Central Asia) and three thematic groups (Subnational Finance, Local Democracy & Inclusive Governance, and Gender Equity & Women’s Empowerment). The Working Groups collectively held 12 meetings, featuring contributions from more than 40 esteemed guest speakers and attracting an audience exceeding 730 participants. Below is a summary of all the Working Group meetings from 2023.

Regional Working Group: Asia

April 11– Regional Updates (Phillip Gonzales)
– LoGICA Updates (Nick Travis)
– Updates on the Implementation of a Federal Constitution in Nepal (Bishnu Adhikari)

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July 11– Regional Updates (Phillip Gonzales)
– Mongolia Deep-Dive (Roger Shotton)
– Emerging Evidence from LoGICA (Jamie Boex & Iqbal Mahmood)
– Policy Priorities Across the Region (Peter Yates)

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October 10– City Enabling Environment (CEE) Assessment for Asia-Pacific (Helmi Abidin)
– Presentation on the Recent U20: A City Diplomacy Initiative (Kanak Tiwari)
– U20 Insights (Rishika Das Roy)

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Regional Working Group: Sub-Saharan Africa

April 20– Thematic Breakout Discussion (SSA Co-Chairs)

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July 20– Local Economic Development (Paddy Siyanga Knudsen)
– African Eco-Markets as an Opportunity for Municipalities (Kah Walla)
– Update from UNCDF (Jennifer Bukokhe Wakhungu)

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October 19– Update on the African School of Decentralization (Zemelak Ayele)
– Devolution in Mozambique with a Focus on Intergovernmental
Fiscal Relations (Lena Weiler)
– The Equitable Share for Local Government in South Africa and
its Redistributive Effect (Jaap De Visser)

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Regional Working Group: Europe and Central Asia

October 11– Timeline & Perspectives on Decentralization in Ukraine 2016-2018 (Glen Wright)
– Decentralization Reform and Security in Light of Polycentricity Theory (Oleksandra Keudel)
– Explaining Ukraine’s Resilience to Russia’s Invasion: The Role of Local Governments and Decentralization Reform (Andrii Darkovich)
– Fiscal Capacity of Local Governments in Ukraine: PIT and Property Taxes Impact (Sören Herbst & Vitalii Pylypiv)
– Experience of Local Governments of Ukraine During the Conflict (Bogdan Kelichavyi & Iaroslav Tsvirkun)

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December 13– Fiscal Decentralization & Efficiency: Small Municipalities in the Czech Republic (Michal Placek)
– Lack of Capacity & Inter-Municipal Cooperation Among Hungarian Villages (Tamas Szabo)
– Central Government Effort to Boost Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Slovakia (Jan Marusinec & Martin Valentovic)
– Drivers & Obstacles of Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Slovakia: the Local Governments Perspective (Daniel Klimovsky)

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Thematic Working Group: Subnational Finance

September 6– Financial Intermediaries Facilitating Cities’ Access to Debt Finance in Africa (Gundula Loeffler)
– Subnational Borrowing and Commercial Debt in Lower & Middle Income Countries (Paul Smoke)

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December 5– Conceptual Introduction: Tax Sharing as a Fundamental Instrument of LG Finance in Europe (Tony Levitas)
– Tax Sharing in Croatia – Personal Income Tax Reform (Dario Runtic)
– Personal Income Tax Piggybacking in Indonesia (Muhammad Khudadad Chattha)

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Thematic Working Group: Local Democracy & Inclusive Governance

November 1– Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Local Democracy and Inclusive Governance (Zipporah Wambua & Mochamad Mustafa)

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Thematic Working Group: Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment

November 29– A View from the Hewlett Foundation (Jennifer Joel)
– Local Women’s Representation in Nepal (Anil Chandrika)
– Africa’s Local Gender Charter (Jacqueline Moustache Belle)
– UCLG’s Efforts on Gender Equality (Julia Munroe)

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