LPSA’s Working Group on Sub-Saharan Africa: Open Meeting, July 20, 2023

LPSA’s Expert Working Group (EWG) on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) aims to bring together government officials, policy practitioners, scholars, civil society organizations, and citizens who share an interest and expertise on decentralization, multilevel governance, intergovernmental relations, local governance and local development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A public meeting of the SSA Expert Working Group was held on July 20, 2023, (15:00 EAT / 14:00 SAST / 13:00 WAT).

video of the meeting is available on YouTube. The links below provide access to the video segments of the different agenda items. You can read the detailed meeting summary here.

No.Agenda ItemContributor
1.Welcome Remarks & IntroductionJaap De Visser
2.Local Economic DevelopmentPaddy Siyanga Knudsen
3.African Eco-Markets as an Opportunity for MunicipalitiesKah Walla
4.Discussion in PlenaryModerator & meeting participants
5.Update from UNCDFJenifer Bukokhe Wakhungu
6.LPSA UpdateJamie Boex
7.Any other businessModerator & meeting participants

If you have any updates about decentralization or local governance reforms in your country; updates about new research; or information about local government projects that you would like mentioned during future open meetings, please email the Working Group co-chairs at africa@decentralization.net so that a brief announcement can be made at the beginning of the next meeting.

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