Webinar Series: Decentralization and Local Development around the World

Announcing the Local Public Sector Alliance Webinar Series for 2021-22

The Local Public Sector Alliance—in collaboration with the World Bank Subnational Governance and Decentralization Global Solutions Group—is pleased to announce the Global Decentralization and Local Development Webinar Series for 2021-2022.

The Local Public Sector Alliance is an alliance of advocates for decentralization and local development. One of the Alliance’s objectives is to bring together the global Community of Practice around Decentralization and Local Development in order to share knowledge and ideas in an evolving global context.

Webinar Series: Decentralization and Local Development around the World

For each global region, the webinar series will ask or address three interrelated questions or issues:

  1. What decentralization/localization reforms are ongoing within the countries in each global region?
  2. What good country-level practices and experiences are relevant for researchers and practitioners in other countries?
  3. Is there an effective exchange on decentralization and local development issues between policy-makers, practitioners and researchers?

Webinar schedule

Decentralization and local development in…Dates
Asia September 13-17, 2021
Sub-Saharan Africa & MENADecember 6-10, 2021
Latin American & CaribbeanFebruary 7-11, 2022
OECD & ECA April 11-15, 2022
Global trends June 6-10, 2022

* Tentative dates. Subject to revision. Details for each region’s webinars will be announced a month in advance.

Each region will be the focus of three separate webinar events

  • Regional overview of decentralization & localization reform. A panel discussion by experts from the World Bank, UNDP and other regional experts.
  • Country-level showcase: A presentation and discussion of the reform experience from a decentralization champion in each region.
  • Researcher/ practitioner exchange. An opportunity for scholars and practitioners to have an exchange on policy-relevant research on decentralization and local development in each region.

Contribute or participate

Visit https://decentralization.net/category/events/ for further information. Contact Jamie Boex if you or your organization would like to contribute or participate in these webinars.

Download a PDF version of the Webinar Series announcement.