LPSA’s Working Group on Asia: Open Meeting, July 11, 2023

The LPSA Asia Regional Working Group​ Open Meeting took place on the 11th of July 2023, 3:30 PM Delhi ​5:00 PM Bangkok and 6:00 PM Manila time. The meeting was moderated by Peter Yates, who serves as one of the co-chairs of LPSA Asia Regional Working Group​. The meeting began with a regional update from Phillip Gonzales, from the Forum of Federations. Gonzalez provided a mixed outlook on local government in the three countries. While Nepal demonstrates success and improvement, Pakistan faces challenges with democratic accountability, and the Philippines, particularly Bangsamoro, presents an opportunity for increased autonomy and decentralized governance.

Roger Shotton from the Asian Development Bank presented the strengths and challenges of local governance in Mongolia, including a well-equipped subnational level, compliance ethos, active civil society, and local collective action. He acknowledged the uncertain political drive and emphasizes the importance of sustainable decentralization. The second part of the meeting included updates from Jamie Boex, Executive Director LPSA and Iqbal Mahmood from the Asia Foundation, Dhaka, on the state of LoGICA assessments in Asia. All the discussions were followed by Q&A sessions. The meeting concluded with scheduling the next quarterly meeting.

A video of the meeting is available on YouTube. The links below provide access to the video segments of the different agenda items.

No.Agenda ItemContributor
1.Welcome Remarks & IntroductionPeter Yates
2.Regional UpdatesPhillip Gonzales
3.Mongolia Deep DiveRoger Shotton
4.Emerging Evidence from LoGICAJamie Boex
Iqbal Mahmood
5.Any other businessModerator & meeting participants

Read a more detailed summary of the meeting here.