Kutaisi Fourth International Forum: Beyond the Horizon/Empowering Second-Tier, Medium-Size, and Small-Size Cities

June 20-21, 2024

The Kutaisi City Municipality, together with the Management and Development Solutions Hub (MDSH), is proud to announce the upcoming Kutaisi International Forum (KIF) for its fourth edition. This highly anticipated event is being co-organized by the Ministry of Regional Development & Infrastructure of Georgia and promises to be a significant step towards fostering development and innovation in the region. The forum will focus on “Bridging the gap between second-tier, medium-sized, and small-sized cities (StMSCs) and the opportunities presented by the New Urban Agenda and European Union accession.”

Scheduled for June 20-21, 2024, in the city of Kutaisi, Georgia, the KIF Fourth Edition seeks to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, empowering city leaders, urban planners, and policymakers to create sustainable and inclusive development strategies.

The forum will cover the following key focus areas:

  • Multi-National Outlook on Opportunities for Non-Capital Cities
  • Future-Ready Cities
  • Rethinking Municipal Services in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Reimagining Health’s Role in Cities Transformation
  • Unleashing the Cultural Power of Cities
  • Optimizing Project Management in Future-Ready Cities
  • Thinking Cities’ Green Solutions

The forum extends its warm invitation to representatives from StMSCs worldwide, businesses, national and regional governments, experts, academics, civil society organizations, and international organizations. Attendance at the KIF 4th event is free of charge. However, all participants, whether remote or in-person, are required to register to facilitate efficient organization and allocation of resources. Please be aware that registering does not automatically guarantee participation. Due to limited capacity, confirmation and further instructions will be sent to selected participants after registration.

We invite stakeholders, policymakers, experts, and practitioners to join us at the Kutaisi International Forum (KIF) to contribute to the exchange of ideas and the development of actionable strategies for the benefit of StMSCs.

The forum will be conducted in Georgian and English, with simultaneous translation provided throughout the event, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all participants. The Agenda for the Forum is available here.

You can register for the event here: Registration link

Photo by Beka Jalagania on Unsplash