Decentralization.Net is Looking for a Development, Outreach and Content Manager

Note that LPSA is no longer recruiting for this position.

In countries around the world, most of the public services that are required to achieve inclusive and sustainable development—education, health services, access to clean water supply and sanitation, urban services, and so on—are delivered at the local level. In order for global and national development objectives to be implemented and achieved locally, extensive coordination and alignment between stakeholders at different government levels is required.

Who we are

The Local Public Sector Initiative (LPSI) was initiated in December 2010 as a research initiative with the mission to promote inclusive societies and global development by enhancing the understanding of decentralization and localization as complex, cross-cutting and multi-stakeholder reforms.

Since 2015, LPSI has used Decentralization.Net as its online platform for sharing information with (and from) the global community of practice interested in issues related to decentralization and localization. The Initiative now wants to intensify its efforts to use the platform as a basis for strengthening the coherence of the global Decentralization and Localization Community of Practice. The Decentralization and Localization Community of Practice includes government officials, experts and practitioners from (national and local) public sector organizations around the world; academics and researchers interested in decentralization and localization; and officials, experts and practitioners working for international financial institutions and development organizations.

What is the opportunity

LPSI is looking for a Development, Outreach and Content Manager. This is a part-time position or consultancy opportunity with flexible hours (up to one day a week). The position is ideal for graduate students in economics, public policy or a related field with an interest in decentralization and global development. Compensation depends on experience and availability.

This is a remote position

This is a remote position—the role of development, outreach and content manager can in principle be done from anywhere in the world. In fact, an interest in—and exposure to—decentralization and localization in one or more global regions (Africa, Asia, Europe & Central Asia, Latin America or MENA) is a plus.

What you’ll do

  • Develop and manage LPSI’s development and outreach strategy, and manage strategic partnerships within the Decentralization and Localization Community of Practice;
  • Prepare and coordinate content contributions to Decentralization.Net;
  • Enhance the visibility and relevance of Decentralization.Net as a convening place for the global community of practice interested in decentralization and localization, including through online engagement with the community of practice.


  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, public administration, public policy, political science, or a related discipline required. Preferably you have (or are working on) a masters or doctorate degree, and/or you have a few years of work experience in a relevant field.
  • Demonstrated interest in decentralization and localization, preferably in a global development context.
  • Comfort with working independently and remotely, and as part of a team.
  • An ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously to successful completion; strong attention to detail
  • Strong written and oral communications skills in English. Additional language skills are a plus.
  • Familiarity with WordPress, Constant Contact, SEO, and related tools is a plus.