LPSA Expert Working Group on Asia – Open Meeting – April 2023

Virtual Event (Online)

LPSA’s Expert Working Group (EWG) on Asia aims to bring together government officials, policy practitioners, scholars, civil society organizations, and citizens who share an interest and expertise on decentralization, multilevel governance, intergovernmental relations, local governance [...]


Course: Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Financial Management

Duke University 201 Science Drive, Durham, NC

This comprehensive three-week program is directed by Prof. Roy Kelly and is designed to better enable professionals to develop and implement decentralization policy reforms to improve local public financial management and stimulate efficient and accountable economic and [...]


2nd International Conference on Inclusive Cities

Durban, South Africa

This conference seeks to foster cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and community members to explore the capacity of the state to achieve inclusive cities. We believe that by bringing together a diverse [...]