LPSA Year in Review 2023

The Local Public Sector Alliance is a global professional network of advocates for inclusive and efficient decentralization and localization. The Alliance seeks to promote inclusive, equitable societies and sustainable global development by enhancing the understanding of public sector decentralization and localization as complex, cross-cutting and multi-stakeholder reforms.

We do so by elevating the global debate on public sector decentralization and localization, by (1) advancing the state of knowledge on decentralization and localization; (2) ensuring a more informed, interconnected global Community of Practice, where knowledge sharing takes place across countries, disciplines, institutions and sectors; and (3) engaging in convening, outreach and field building to achieve a larger, more empowered global Community of Practice, with country-level champions well-positioned to champion decentralization and localization reforms.

This Year in Review (and the associated LPSA Annual Report) summarizes the activities of the Local Public Sector Alliance for 2023. Although the Local Public Sector Alliance launched its activities in June 2021, LPSA was formally incorporated as a non-profit in January 2022. As such, CY 2023 was the Alliance’s second official year of operation.

In 2023, LPSA’s membership grew over 50% to over 1600 members. In order to accommodate our rapid growth in membership, the Alliance re-structured (in fact, ‘decentralized’) itself as a truly global and inclusive professional network by establishing 7 Regional and Thematic Working Groups.

The activities of the Local Public Sector Alliance are largely shaped by the commitment and contributions of its members, who volunteer to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about different aspects of decentralization, local governance, and localized development with others in the global Community of Practice. We are grateful for the contributions and support received from our members, advisory board members, working group co-chairs, and partner organizations.

We are further deeply grateful to the Hewlett Foundation for their continued operating support. The Hewlett Foundation’s support to the Alliance in 2023 has allowed the Local Public Sector Alliance to continue on its trajectory of rapid growth, and permitted the Alliance to respond to its rapid growth by restructuring (decentralizing) itself as an inclusive global professional network that recognizes and reflects the diversity of its global community of practice.

Jamie Boex
Executive Director, Local Public Sector Alliance
February 9, 2024