Hold the date: Decentralization and local development in Asia

Taking stock of decentralization around the world on a region-by-region basis

Effective decentralization and localization—including subnational governance systems that empower and encourage local leaders to promote inclusion and equity—form an important precondition for resilient, inclusive, sustainable, equitable and efficient development.

With this understanding in mind, the Local Public Sector Alliance wants to take stock—on a region by region basis—of the state of decentralization and localization around the world. First up: Asia. What is the state of decentralization and local development in Asia?

Details and registration information for the specific knowledge sharing events have now been made available: Webinar Series: Decentralization and Local Development in Asia.

Decentralization and local development in Asia: Outstanding Paper Awards

As part of its ongoing effort to promote high-quality, policy-relevant research on issues related to decentralization and local development in Asia, the Local Public Sector Alliance is offering a number of awards for outstanding papers on decentralization and local development. Although the award is open to all, the award is targeted at young scholars and emerging researchers from around the world.

A US$ 500 prize will be awarded to the winner for the best research paper submitted on a topic related to decentralization or localization in Asia, while US$ 250 will be awarded to two regional runners-up. In addition, the winning paper will be considered as part of the global award. The author of the Global Outstanding Paper will receive a total award of US$ 1000.

The awards are open to recent research papers (whether unpublished, working papers or published) covering a range of fields and topics related to decentralization and local development in Asian countries, including—for instance—research studies related to the inclusive and responsive nature of local governments in an Asia country. Other relevant topics might include analyses of the administrative capacity of local governments or local administration; analyses of local government finances or intergovernmental fiscal relations; studies analyzing multi-level governance arrangements or functional assignments; or studies related to the vertical or intergovernmental aspects of public service delivery efficiency or the localization of the SDGs or sustainable development in one or more sectors (e.g., the local provision of education, health, water and sanitation, climate, urban services, and so on). Papers are generally expected to focus on a single country, although comparative studies will also be accepted.

The Asia region is understood to encompass both East Asia and the Pacific as well as South Asia. This includes, among others, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

The submission deadline for research papers on decentralization and localization in Asia (covering both East Asia & Pacific as well as South Asia) is August 15, 2021. Further details and application materials are available online here.