Webinar: Decentralization in Latin America and the Caribbean: Reforms on the horizon

LAC Knowledge Week, July 27-28, 2022

Although some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are among the most decentralized in the world, there is considerable variation within the region with respect to their level of decentralization. In different countries, contrasting forces, some leading to increased centralization and some to greater decentralization, are producing an ongoing restructuring of the public sector. This webinar highlights the experiences of Chile, Colombia and Peru, each of which—in their own way—are in the process of reforming their system of intergovernmental relations towards greater decentralization. Presentations and discussions not only highlighted the technical details of the reforms being envisioned, but also considered the political economy drivers behind the decentralization reforms on the horizon.

(English subtitles are provided for the webinar videos.)

Thursday, July 28, 2022: 10 am NYC/DC (9 am Lima, 10 am La Paz, 11 am Buenos Aires)

Introduction to Webinar Session [Watch on YouTube]Juan Luis Gomez, IADB (Moderator)
Reforms on the horizon in Chile [Watch on YouTube]Guillermo Piñones, Chief of the Research and Public Policy Division, SUBDERE
Reforms on the horizon in Colombia [Watch on YouTube]
Daniel Escobar, Director of Decentralization Mission
Reforms on the horizon in Peru [Watch on YouTube]Juan Pichihua, Director of Fiscal Decentralization Policy, Ministry of Economy and Finance
Discussant: Jorge Martinez-Vazquez [Watch on YouTube]Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Georgia State University

This webinar is part of the Local Public Sector Alliance Knowledge Week on Decentralization and Local Development in Latin America & the Caribbean