As the largest financier of decentralization and localization programs around the world, the World Bank (WB) is an active member of the global community of practice on these topics.

The WB’s Governance Global Practice (GP) created the Subnational Governance & Decentralization Global Solutions Group (GSG) to cover a broad range of topics related to intergovernmental administrative and fiscal systems as well as subnational governance. The activities of the GSG aim to bring together professionals who work on issues related to various aspects of decentralization and deepen their knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Being a quintessentially cross-cutting topic, decentralization is covered by several WB units. While the Governance GP implements projects mostly dealing with local service delivery, subnational institutional strengthening and accountability, other units within the WB focus related issues of community driven development, fiscal transfers, local infrastructure and sector service delivery financing.

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