Upcoming Course: Local Economic Development

The Hague Academy of Local Governance - 2023

What strategies and tools can local authorities use to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth? How to create positive conditions for job creation and poverty reduction? And how to involve stakeholders at all levels?

The Hague Academy of Local Governance will deal with these issues in an upcoming (in-person) training course on Local Economic Development, offered in The Hague from 18 October to 31 October 2023. There is no application deadline, as long as participants manage to arrange their visas on time (if needed).


In this course, you will visit the Municipality of The Hague, where you will learn from their long-term local economic strategy. Moreover, we will highlight different projects that were implemented for local business creation and startups. Study visits will also include incubators, co-working spaces and examples of successful social enterprises.

Experts contributing to this course include:

Aladeen Shawa

Aladeen is a Senior Governance Advisor with extensive experience in local governance and local development. He has worked with both the public and the private sectors in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Aladeen worked previously as a senior advisor on local economic development at UNCDF and is now working both at DAI and at Cowater.

Irma Specht

Irma is the director of Transition International. She is an expert in social and economic development in post-conflict countries, with a focus on vulnerable groups and gender. Irma has a broad international experience in vocational and business training, small business set-up and private sector development.

Vin Morar

Vin is an international project specialist with wide-ranging experience in entrepreneurship and cross-cultural management. He has worked as a consultant with a great range of governments across the world.

Course details and application

Further course details and application materials are available here.