Upcoming Course: Inclusive Service Delivery & the SDGs

The Hague Academy of Local Governance - March 2023

How can inclusive local service delivery contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? How can the different layers of government work together to ensure that basic services also reach marginalized people? And how can public services be financed in an effective and transparent way?

The Hague Academy of Local Governance will deal with these issues in an upcoming (in-person) training course on Inclusive Service Delivery & the SDGs, offered in The Hague from 6 to 17 March 2023. The application deadline for the course is 27 January 2023.


In this course, you will visit different organizations to learn about Dutch practices in adopting an SDG framework for local service delivery. In the Municipality of The Hague, you will meet the people who are spearheading the implementation of the SDGs. A second study visit will take you to the more rural Municipality of Molenlanden, where we will discuss the Local Inclusion Agenda aimed at improving services to people with disabilities. In addition, you will discuss and analyze international case studies in local service delivery.

Experts contributing to this course include:

Dmitry Pozhidaev, Global Advisor for Local Government Finance at UNCDF and Head of the UNCDF Office in Uganda. Dmitry has extensive experience in guiding local development finance programs across Africa.

Floor Matenaar, Policy Officer at the International Affairs Department of the city of The Hague. Floor ensures the implementation of the SDGs in the city and works with partners towards inclusive sustainable development.

Floor van den Berg, Project Officer for youth participation at Save the Children. Floor leads the ‘Speaking Minds’ project, which aims to boost youth participation and achieve more inclusive local policy.

Course details and application

Further course details and application materials are available here.