The Forum of Federations and the Local Public Sector Alliance Sign Partnership Agreement

The Forum of Federations is an international organization–based in Ottawa, Canada–that develops and shares comparative expertise on the practice of federal and decentralized governance through a global network. The Forum has a practical, problem-solving approach to achieving results. Since its founding nearly two decades ago, it has supported governments and citizens around the world through capacity building and the provision of expertise and impartial practical education.

The Local Public Sector Alliance is a non-profit network of advocates for inclusive and efficient decentralization that seeks to promote inclusive, equitable societies and sustainable global development by elevating the global debate on decentralization and localization.

On August 23, 2022, Rupak Chattopadhyay, President and CEO of the Forum, and Jamie Boex, Executive Director of the Local Public Sector Alliance (LPSA) signed a three-year partnership agreement.

The partnership between the Forum and the Alliance will enable the two organizations to cooperate in areas of mutual interest with the aim of improving governance and enhancing democracy by promoting dialogue on the practices, principles, and possibilities of federalism, decentralization, inclusive governance and intergovernmental relations.