DeLoG E-Learning Course: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Decentralization

DeLoG’s newly revised and tutored e-Learning Course on “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Decentralization and Local Governance Reforms” will take place from 04 April – 29 May 2022. To join the course, please sign up here by March 16, 2022.


DeLoG is a network of 44 bi- and multilateral development partners and specialized institutions working in the field of decentralization and local governance (DLG). The e-Learning Course on “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Decentralization and Local Governance Reforms” is one of the network’s flagship activities and has been on offer by DeLoG since 2014. In 2021, the content and methodology of the course have been substantially revised in collaboration with the ADB. Promoting gender equality, a human-rights-based approach and the LNOB-principle are reflected in all modules.


The course will cover the following topics:

1) Introduction to Decentralisation, Local Governance and Global Development Agendas;
2) Modalities and Dimensions of Decentralisation;
3) Sector Decentralisation and Functional Assignment;
4) Measuring Performance and Promoting Accountability;
5) Conceptualising and Implementing DLG Reforms;
6) Frontier Issues of DLG reforms – Localisation of the SDGs, State Fragility and COVID-19.

An overview of the schedule and activities can be accessed here.


The target group for the course are staff from development partner agencies – field-based or at HQ level – who have recently started working on DLG or have done so for a longer period of time (including sector specialists whose work has a connection to DLG), officials and practitioners from partner country governments and administrations dealing with DLG reform as well as representatives from civil society organisations and academia involved in the domain of DLG.


The methodology is designed to include self-paced content study and activities such as individual assignments, collaborative activities and webinars. There will be a tutor to guide participants through the course and to provide general support as well as a DLG expert to provide thematic insights.


The timeframe envisioned for the course is two months, with an estimated total learning time of around 30 hours, depending on previous knowledge and the depth in which participants decide to study the modules. This translates into approx. four hours of study time per week.


Please click here to apply. The deadline for applications is 16 March 2022. Selected applicants will be informed by 24 March 2022. Overall, there will be up to 40 slots available. This course, like all courses conducted by DeLoG, will be free of charge for all participants and the organizations they represent. The language of instruction is English.

For further information and course registration, please visit the DeLoG website.