Webinar: Decentralization and localization in Sub-Saharan Africa: localizing climate adaptation and mitigation


The global climate crisis has become one of the major obstacles to the world’s sustainable development, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, vulnerable communities and people are bearing the worst consequences of climate variability and change, albeit they have contributed least to the crisis. Yet, if empowered and given a voice, they can be a decisive part of the solution. Local governments are in a unique position to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation and build resilient communities. This session aims to share knowledge of the role of decentralization and local governments in climate efforts, financing for local climate action and measuring local climate financing in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will bring together practitioners in this field to showcase how decentralization and financing contribute to local climate adaptation and mitigation through innovative, systematic approaches and country examples.

(This webinar session is co-hosted by UNCDF).

Wednesday December 15, 3 pm NBO (7 am NYC/DC)

Session introductionDavid Jackson, Director of Local Transformative Finance, UNCDF (Moderator)
Decentralization and climate finance [Watch on YouTube] Jesper Steffensen, Senior Partner, DEGE Consult
Climate resilience monitoring and evaluation [Watch on YouTube] Ayesha Dinshaw, Manager, Climate Resilience, WRI India
Delivering capacity building for local government and climate adaptation results for local community [Watch on YouTube] Landing B Sanneh, Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council, The Gambia
Discussant, Luc Gnacadja [Watch on YouTube]Luc Gnacadja, Former Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Former Minister of the Environment, Housing and Urban Planning of Benin, Special Representative of LoCAL
Discussion / Q&AModerator, panelists and audience

This webinar is part of the Local Public Sector Alliance Knowledge Week on Decentralization and Local Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.