Webinar: Decentralization and localization in Sub-Saharan Africa: is decentralization a road to peace in Africa?


Is decentralization a road to peace in Africa? What is the role of decentralization and local governance in reducing or preventing conflicts? There are several important and interesting questions to ask in relation to this topic. Decentralization is often put into peace agreements but does it contribute to the stability it is thought to provide and does it promote peace? Where does this assumption come from and is there any evidence that supports the assumption? Are the needs and participation of youth better ensured within a decentralized structure and administration?

(This webinar session is co-hosted by UNDP and DeLOG).

Tuesday December 14, 3 pm NBO (7 am NYC/DC)

Session introduction [Watch on YouTube] Dr. Roselyn Akombe, Teamleader for Governance and
Peacebuilding, UNDP RSCA (moderator)
The nexus between decentralization and sustaining peace Jannel B. Galvanek, Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Unit, Berghof Foundation

Katharina Jautz, Project Manager in the Yemen Unit, Berghof Foundation
Discussant: Peace agreements and decentralization in South Sudan [Watch on YouTube] Prof. Dr. Julia Duany, Expert in Peace, Gender and Federalism, South Sudan
Discussant: Peace agreements and decentralization in Central African Republic [Watch on YouTube] Dr. Decky Kabongi, Researcher on the security and development nexus in countries of the Great Lakes Region
Discussant: Peace agreements and decentralization in Mozambique:
Cândida F. E. Moiane Zonjo [Watch on YouTube]
Dr. Adriano Nuvunga [Watch on YouTube]
Cândida F. E. Moiane Zonjo, National Director of Local Administration, Mozambique

Dr. Adriano Nuvunga, Director of the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) & Steering Committee of the Mozambique Human Rights Defenders Network (RMDDH)
Discussion / Q&AModerator, panelists and audience

This webinar is part of the Local Public Sector Alliance Knowledge Week on Decentralization and Local Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.