Webinar: Decentralization and cities in Sub-Saharan Africa: ensuring a framework for resilient, inclusive, sustainable and equitable urban development


Countries in Africa are rapidly urbanizing, with cities functioning not only as the engines of economic growth but also as spaces for social transformation. In order to ensure that city governments promote resilience and sustainable development while acting in an inclusive and responsive manner, cities need to be effective local governance institutions supported by an empowering intergovernmental framework. What reforms are ongoing across the region to achieve resilient, inclusive, sustainable and equitable urban development?

(This webinar session is co-hosted by the International Growth Centre and the World Bank).

Monday December 13, 3 pm NBO (7 am NYC/DC)

Session introduction [Watch on YouTube]Astrid R. N. Haas, LPSA (moderator)
Urban finance as a constraint to urban development: challenges and solutions [Watch on YouTube] Jaffer Machano, UNCDF
Financing urban development: key lessons from South Africa [Watch on YouTube] Danga Mughogho, South African Cities Network
Decentralization and urban development: a Ugandan perspective [Watch on YouTube] Gertrude Rose Gamwera, Uganda Local Government Association
Urban development in Zambia [Watch on YouTube] Gilbert Siame, University of Zambia
Strengthening urban institutions in Africa: The World Bank’s Experience [Watch on YouTube] Martin Onyach-Olaa, World Bank
Discussion / Q&AModerator, panelists and audience

This webinar is part of the Local Public Sector Alliance Knowledge Week on Decentralization and Local Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.