The Local Public Sector Alliance seeks to bring together a global alliance of advocates for decentralization and localization. As part of this vision, Decentralization.Net functions as a global convening place for policy makers and researchers interested in learning more about decentralization and localization around the world.

Another important part of the Alliance’s efforts is to bring together people and facilitate global connections within the Community of Practice on decentralization and localization through the LinkedIn Group on Decentralization and Localization – Global Professional Network.

The LinkedIn Group is a professional development and discussion group for professionals (or aspiring professionals) from around the world who share an interest in public sector decentralization and localization. The group aims to connect policy makers, policy analysts, researchers, and development professionals from around the world with others who have similar professional interests and experiences, with the ultimate aim of advancing our collective knowledge and understanding of decentralization and localization efforts around the world.

Contact the Decentralization Net Communications Team with any questions or concerns about the Decentralization and Localization LinkedIn Group.