LPSA’s Thematic Working Group on Localizing Services and Development brings together government officials, policy practitioners, scholars, civil society organizations, and citizens who share an interest and expertise on the localization of public services and development interventions, including basic public services such as education, primary healthcare and water and sanitation services.

Working group leadership and coordination

The Alliance is currently in the process of identifying co-chairs for the LPSA Thematic Working Group on Localizing Services and Development. The Localization Thematic Working Group Co-Chairs and Coordinator can be reached by email at localization@decentralization.net.

Working group purpose and activities

The LPSA Thematic Working Group on Localizing Services and Development seeks to assess, advance, and share the state of global knowledge on the effective localization of public services and development interventions, multilevel governance of public services, and localization of the SDGs. In other words, the Localizing Services and Development Thematic Working Group seeks to elevate the global debate on localized services and development in countries around the world.

The working group’s activities include:

  • Quarterly working group meetings, in order for working group members to update each other on efforts to localize public services and development goals and other relevant public sectors reforms; and to identify topics of mutual interest to the Working Group’s members;
  • Advance the general state of knowledge on the extent to which functional responsibilities are decentralized or localized, and the linkages between the nature of decentralization and localization and public sector results (e.g., in the areas of education, health, or water and sanitation) among others through the application of the LoGICA Framework and LPSA’s Intergovernmental Fiscal and Expenditure Review (InFER) Framework;
  • Explore topics of mutual interest and advance the state of knowledge through research and other knowledge development efforts, by mobilizing the Working Group’s collective resources and/or by linking to other LPSA resources and Working Groups as relevant.
  • Knowledge sharing. The Thematic Working Group aims to keep its members as well as the larger (global) Community of Practice informed on relevant reforms, trends, and policy research in the realm of localized services and development, by sharing relevant news and information through Decentralization.Net and by organizing webinars and other knowledge sharing events where relevant and possible.

LAC Thematic Working Group Meetings

LPSA Thematic Working Groups aim to meet at least on a quarterly basis. Working group meetings are announced on LPSA’s Events Calendar.

Working group membership

The LPSA Thematic Working Group on Localizing Services and Development and its meetings are open to LPSA’s membership and to the general public. You can join the Thematic Working Group and receive reminders and updated from the Localization Working Group by opting-in to the working group as part of your free LPSA Membership registration.

Other LPSA Working Groups

LPSA’s Regional and Thematic Working Groups are an integral part of the Local Public Sector Alliance and operate under Terms of References issued by the Alliance. LPSA Working Groups are supported by the LPSA Secretariat.