Local Public Sector Alliance – Advisory Board & Community Meeting – June 2023

The LPSA Advisory Board invited all Advisory Board members, as well as all interested policy practitioners, government officials, researchers and scholars, civil society stakeholders and other members of the global community of practice on decentralization and localization to an Open Community Meeting on June 2nd, 2023 (8:00 am ET; 1:00 pm London; 2:00 pm Paris/Johannesburg; 3:00 pm Cairo/Nairobi; 5:30 pm New Delhi; 7:00 pm Bangkok/Jakarta) for your input into the activities and work program of the Alliance for the period 2023-2024.

No.Agenda ItemContributor
1.OpeningSerdar Yilmaz, LPSA Advisory Board Chair
2.Overview of LPSA activities since last meetingSerdar Yilmaz
3.LPSA Working Groups: Decentralizing the Alliance to be more inclusive and responsive to the global community of practiceJamie Boex
4.Search for a new LPSA Advisory Board ChairSerdar Yilmaz
5.Ideas and suggestions for proposal development / activities for 2023/2024Moderator & meeting participants
6.Any other businessModerator & meeting participants

The meeting began with an overview of LPSA’s activities, including progress in establishing working groups. Serdar announced his decision to step down as Chair, leading to the search for a new Chair. Jamie Boex, the Executive Director, provided updates on the State of Local Governance Institutions (SOLGI) and recent webinars. He stressed the need for additional funding and highlighted the success of a webinar on “Two Decades of Decentralization in Indonesia.” LPSA’s participation in the DeLOG/UCLG-CIB meetings and their commitment to supporting the organization’s transformation were also discussed. Serdar outlined the implementation of the LoGICA framework in various regions, and LPSA emphasized the objective of establishing additional working groups. The search for a new Chair and the importance of diversity and inclusion in LPSA’s programs were addressed. Concerns were raised about the confusion between localization and decentralization, and participants expressed optimism about the future of decentralization efforts. The significance of marketing decentralization as “multi-level governance” was discussed, along with the need for conceptual clarity and addressing finance-related issues. Future webinars on centralization, localization, and governance were also mentioned. Read a more detailed summary of the meeting here.