Financing Community-led Action for Inclusive, Resilient Post-Covid-19 Recovery

The Movement for Community-led Development is a global movement based on the belief that every person has a fundamental right to voice in the decisions that affect their lives. While some communities enjoy this right, most are mired in top-down governance systems resulting in alienation, clientelism, dependency and resignation. As such, members of the movement for CLD recognize the role that decentralization and localization can play in empowerment.

The Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) is looking forward to hosting a Side Event during the upcoming 60th Session of the UN Commission on Social Development.

Resilience is inherently a community-level attribute as community leaders are always the first responders to any shock. Yet, many local governments in low-income countries and community-based organizations lack any reliable source for core funding. Meeting this challenge requires an entire ecosystem of funding, including devolution of national budgets, pool funds from donors, local taxation, and community philanthropy.

MCLD invites you to join them on Thursday, February 10 (8:30 – 9:45 am ET) to hear from an expert panel on both the challenges and emerging opportunities for ensuring local communities are able to mobilize the resources they need in order to “build back better” post-Covid-19.

Register here for CSocD Side Event, or follow this link for further information on the MCLD website.