Morocco’s Decentralization Efforts Gained Pace in 2015

Oxford Business Group report

Decentralization efforts, a key pillar of Morocco’s long-term growth drive, gained pace in 2015, the Oxford Business Group said in its 2015 report.

The country is looking to transfer key powers and resources to local officials, paving the way for the regions to have greater control of their economic development, the report pointed out.

The east of the country is set to benefit from Nador West Med facility which is expected to come on-line in 2019 or 2020, it said, adding that this new deep-water port will include terminals for container trans-shipment, coal and hydrocarbons.

The report also noted that sweeping plans to develop the greater Casablanca area began to take shape in 2015, following the launch, in late 2013, of a six-year initiative aimed at attracting new investment to Morocco’s largest city.

The 2015-20 Casablanca strategic development plan will see the roll out of a wide range of integrated projects, valued at MAD 33.6bn (€3.1bn), ranging from transport infrastructure to leisure facilities.

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