Webinar: Decentralization and localization in Sub-Saharan Africa: implications for PFM and service delivery


While the crucial role of PFM in efficient, effective and equitable service delivery is widely acknowledged, the direct link between PFM reforms and improved service delivery outcomes has proven difficult to demonstrate in practice. This is particularly true in decentralized systems where there are many different actors performing many different finance functions along the delivery chain. There is an increasing interest in better understanding which reforms, under what conditions, can really contribute to improving services, and how these improvements can be measured.

(This webinar session is co-hosted by ODI).

Thursday December 9, 3 pm NBO (7 am NYC/DC)

Session introductionJamie Boex, Local Public Sector Alliance (Moderator)
Local Government Finance and PFM in Africa [Watch on YouTube] Julia Dhimitri, PEFA Secretariat
Decentralization, PFM and Service Delivery: Lessons from Uganda [Watch on YouTube] Gundula Loeffler, ODI
Discussant [Watch on YouTube]Seth Terkper, Fmr. Minister of Finance, Ghana
Discussant [Watch on YouTube] Felipe Bardella, IMF
Discussant [Watch on YouTube] Andrew Lawson, Fiscus Ltd.
Discussion / Q&A Moderator, panelists and audience

This webinar is part of the Local Public Sector Alliance Knowledge Week on Decentralization and Local Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.