LPSA Expert Working Groups consist of groups of practitioners and scholars who bring together skills and expertise in a specific sub-topic or cross-cutting issue within the field of decentralization and localization. Each working group seeks to assess, advance, and share the state of global knowledge within their topic area, with the objective of providing the global community with best-practice conceptual and operational knowledge to address development challenges on that particular topic.

The Local Public Sector Alliance is currently in the process of forming a number of Expert Working Groups for key global regions (e.g., Africa, Asia, and the MENA region) as well as in areas of interest to the Community of Practice (e.g., Local democracy and inclusive governance; Community-led development; Cities and urban development; Local climate action; and Conflict and fragility).

Access the LPSA Expert Working Group Terms of References (ToRs) here.

Individuals interested in forming an Expert Working Group or joining one as a chair and/or member are encouraged to contact Serdar Yilmaz, Chairman of LPSA’s Advisory Board at syilmaz@worldbank.org.