New Content and Communications Manager joins Local Public Sector Alliance

Saurabh Shah joins the Local Public Sector Alliance

In May 2020, Saurabh Shah joined the Local Public Sector Initiative / Alliance as its Content, Communications and Outreach Manager. In this role, he will manage Decentralization.Net with the ambition of transforming the platform into a global convening place for policy makers and researchers; support advancing discussions surrounding different aspects of decentralization and localization around the world; and add value to the global Community of Practice on decentralization and localization by managing the LPS Alliance Newsletter and LinkedIn Group.

Saurabh is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy at American University, with hopes of being involved in research and policymaking concerning the application of technology to solve major urban and transportation problems. Through his involvement with the Local Public Sector Alliance and Decentralization.Net, Saurabh seeks to better understand the ways in which current models of local governance are tailoring solutions to regional problems around the world, and gaining the lessons learned for their applications elsewhere.

As the Local Public Sector Alliance’s new Content, Communications and Outreach Manager, Saurabh’s goal is to make Decentralization.Net an engaging platform for all policymakers and scholars alike, to learn about the current trends in decentralization and localization; highlight relevant case studies; and provide opportunities for communicating and exchanging of ideas, including through webinars and other events. As the global community collectively moves towards increasing population immunity from COVID-19, more in person opportunities are likely to be planned and executed as well.